Chrysler Thunderbolt

The 1941 Thunderbolt was designed by Ralph Roberts and Alex Tremulis.  The Thunderbolt featured a streamlined body with a retractable hardtop.  The Chrysler Thunderbolt appeared in the 1940 Car Show circuit as an “idea” car, the idea being good aerodynamics.  The name was chosen because of its association with a previous land speed record holder at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The body was compromised of aluminum and the roof was retractable, electrically controlled hardtop.  There were no door handles; rather they were operated by the push of a button.  The windows were controlled by hydraulic power.  The headlights were also carefully concealed in the bodywork.  Chrysler produced only five Thunderbolts. Today, there are four known survivors.

In the late 1960’s Robinson Kiddy Rides Inc., of London, KY designed and produced seven Thunderbolt cars for their seven state vending company.  In 1996 the cars were retired and sold to a collector. In 2003 five of the cars were purchased by Topps Restoration.

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