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All-Tech Twirlybird KR-99

The original sales flier for the the TWIRLYBIRD KR-99 extolled the virtues of this classic kiddie ride.   “Real fun for the kids and relaxation for the mothers. Brings increased traffic volume to the store...


Polly Parrot

Polly Gas Stations were a common sight on the West Coast up through the 1950’s and until around 1960, when Wilshire Oil was purchased by Gulf, and the Polly stations were converted to Gulf stations.

This i...


Dale Earnhardt Ride

In early, 1999, Jeff and Paul Robinson, the second generation of Robinson Kiddie Rides, a forty year old amusement company from London, KY, began the licensing process with Dale Earnhardt Inc...


Lincoln Merchandiser

The Lincoln Service Merchandiser model #2765 series C-0l was offered from 1945 to 1957. This model was the last full sized merchandiser Lincoln produced...


Geronimo Pony Ride

GERONIMO made his debut at the 1968 MAO Convention held in Chicago.  Produced and designed by Al Fischer & Co. of Ft. Thomas, Kentucky – 

In 2017 Topps Restoration of Oklahoma City, OK purchased two of t...


1920 NYC Telegraph Police Call Box

Police call boxes were installed in large cities beginning in the 1880s and continuing until the 1960s. They were used by officers that “walked a beat...


Little Toot Tugboat

Little Toot is based on a children’s story written and illustrated by Hardie Gramatky, featuring a young tugboat who does not want to tug...


Chrysler Thunderbolt

The 1941 Thunderbolt was designed by Ralph Roberts and Alex Tremulis.  The Thunderbolt featured a streamlined body with a retractable hardtop...