Geronimo Pony Ride

Marketing mistakes along with time can produce the rarest of collectibles. Produced and designed by Al Fischer & Co. of Ft. Thomas, Kentucky – GERONIMO made his debut at the 1968 MAO Convention held in Chicago.

Unlike the extremely popular kiddie rides, Superman, Batman and The Green Hornet, that Fischer & Co. had produced years earlier GERONIMO never got off the reservation.

Before the conventions end, Fischer & Co. did manage to sell the only
live GERONIMO kiddie rides ever produced to one customer – The Baker Brothers, a large kiddie ride operator from Kentucky.

In 2017 Topps Restoration of Oklahoma City, OK purchased two of the three remaining GERONIMO survivors from the now retired Baker Brothers (in his late eighties) and Mr. Baker kept the third GERONIMO for his private collection.

Maybe if the Al Fischer & Co. had called their ride along Indian Tonto, then little boys could have pretended to be The Lone Ranger and the sales to the kiddie ride operators might have been of super hero proportion.

Below you will see what we started with and then the finished product.

Geronimo After