All-Tech Twirlybird KR-99

The original sales flier for the the TWIRLYBIRD KR-99 extolled the virtues of this classic kiddie ride.  

“Real fun for the kids and relaxation for the mothers. Brings increased traffic volume to the store. Keeps children away from merchandise on the store shelves”.

“The KR-99 simulates actual helicopter ride, Realistic Motion, Climb, Dive, Banks, and Rise. Variable speed controlled by turning control handle. Sound system tape player, built in message repeater and speakers, motor sound and flight procedure recordings Sturdy fiberglass construction”. 

“Tamper proof, meter built into coin-box, accurately records each ride. 3 mechanical caster wheels for easy movability. Only 4 bolts to remove seat for simple access to mechanism. Space 2 1/2’x 6′ “.

Our completed version features an update modern color scheme and graphics.